Executive director

Mongolia has enormous resources of in terms of its mineral resources and renewable energy. One of the main objectives to restore Mongolian economy is to intensify the resources into economic circulation. Erdenes Shivee Energy LLC is now in association with implemention of  Shivee Energy Complex project of Energy Export with a large scale ultra-high voltage power plant and cross-border transmission lines based on strategical Shivee –Ovoo group deposit. 

By doing this, a new era will be commenced that  Mongolia would be energy exporter instead of importer. To build coal-based power plant near coal deposit provides an opportunity to get a high efficiency while producing cheaper energy and intensifying the lignite coal resources  into economic circulation. As well as, in the scope of this project, renewable energy such as solar and wind stations will be built using renewable energy resources in Mongolia. 

Technological option of the project contains environmentally friendly cutting-edge technological achievements.

There is no doubt that the Complex project will bring the local development up to higher level. In the scope of this amazing project, thousands of permanent vacancies will be created and prepared professional cadres in local area. Furthermore, beside close cooperation with local Khural of Citizens’, Citizens’ Representatives organizations and professional institutions, within the legal frame we will support education and health sectors in this region.

We believe, the future is near that the source gushing forth to finance the new century development and economy in our vast land. 

D. Galtbaatar

Executive Director

Erdenes Shivee Energy LLC