Mongolian Prime Minister Erdenebat and Shou Biao Kou Wei met

May 13, Mongolian Prime Minister Erdenebat and his party in Beijing and China State Grid Corporation Chairman Shu Yinbiao, general manager Kou Wei met. The two sides will jointly promote the in-depth exchanges "along the way" construction, strengthen energy cooperation in Mongolia. Chairman of the company trade union chairman Liu Guangying attended the meeting.

Erdenebat pointed out that Mongolia highly recognizes the importance of the "Belt and road" initiative and will actively participate in mutually beneficial cooperation under the framework of "building all way". In the field of infrastructure interconnection, the project is a model of "building all way". Mongolia will speed up the Shivee Energy project approval work, to promote the project as soon as possible landing. He said that the southern region of Mongolia is rich in renewable energy resources, hope that the two sides in the development and utilization of renewable energy to carry out pragmatic cooperation. While promoting bilateral energy cooperation between Mongolia and China, Mongolia is willing to actively participate in multilateral energy cooperation in Northeast Asia, give full play to large-scale cross-border cross-regional resources to optimize the allocation of resources to promote regional power trade and energy cooperation.
Shu Yin Biao thank Erdenebat for the energy and energy cooperation projects in China and the concern and support, and introduced the basic situation of China State Grid Corporation. He said that Mongolia is "an area along the way" important countries, China and Mongolia high-level to determine the "Belt" construction and "Steppe Route" initiative docking, to promote the two countries in the energy, infrastructure, finance and other areas of pragmatic cooperation. Mongolia is rich in energy resources, China's energy and electricity demand continues to grow, accelerate Mongolia's energy resources development and delivery, will achieve mutual benefit and mutual benefit. Shivee Energy project is the key project of energy cooperation between China and Mongolia, but also to achieve the power grid in China and Mongolia to promote the "Belt and road" the construction of key projects, is conducive to Mongolian people's livelihood improvement and economic development, but also allow "along the way" along the country to share China Economic development results, embodies the "area along the way" to build, build, share the principle. It is hoped that Erdenbat will continue to be concerned about the progress of the project. China National Grid Corporation will also strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Mongolia in renewable energy, and further promote the grid interoperability.
Mongolian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mongolian Ambassador Xing Haiming, Deputy Chief Engineer and Director of the International Department Zhu Guangchao, State Grid General Office of the Mongolian Ambassador to Mongolia, , The Ministry of Development, the Ministry of Finance and the State Grid Energy Conservation Company is mainly responsible comrades to attend the meeting.